This is our story


The original creation of MarkIt Merchandise was back in 1987.  We started small, so small in fact, that our original facility was actually one of those original Soda Shoppe Pharmacies.  

2006 was the year that most of our current team took the reins of this gem of a company, and set our current direction and growth.  With continued personalized customer service, some of the best quality in our industry, and with the latest advancements in process and technology, MarkIt Merchandise has expanded every year since and continues to do so.

As the demand for our personalized service rose, so did the need for more space.  We no longer could continue in our meager black and white tiled 1,200 square foot space.  We are now on our third expansion since the soda shoppe days.  Efficient space transformation is rooted in our DNA, and therefore we are ever expanding.

Our progression from an unknown business to a flourishing “boutique” of sorts would not have happened without the help of our loyal clients.  MarkIt Merchandise's ability to provide impeccable quality with quick product turnaround has been our commitment from our incredible team to our clients.

After years of working with many large events and festivals, we know that there is a need to create a specialized division.  Enter:  INK MY EVENT

Using MarkIt Merchandise’s experience of outfitting many exciting events year after year, Ink My Event is now able to give customers the specialized attention and creativity they deserve, while being side-by-side with the competence of a larger company.  All of our Screen Print and Embroidery is completed in-house, allowing for more control over production costs, quality, and critical timing. 

So from custom jerseys for a recreational softball team to promotional items for a major city event, Ink My Event has done it - and would really love to help!  No matter what your needs, desires, quantity or your creativity, you can rest assured that Ink My Event has the team, the experience, and the resources to promise the best outcome for you and your Team. 

It’s what we do.